Recruit the best candidate, fast!

Now, for the first time, recruiting became an easy task.

Tired of checking out cvs?

Tired of interviewing candidates just to find out they don't match the position?

Recruitica will screen your candidates and find only those who are the best for you.  

CV is not relevant anymore
We will check the candidate for you
 What is so innovative in Recruitica?

There are apps that search for relevant details in a CV or try to find external data in social networks, but they are all based solely on what's the candidate states about himself. We believe that a better way to predict a match is to compare the candidate's qualifications to job requirements.

That's what Recruitica does while building a strong candidate profile to help you take the best decision for you. You won't get any non-relevant candidates. You will get only a few best and final candidates.


 How does Recruitica work?

You open a position in  Recruitica and asign a unique link

The candidate gets a replay mail with some simulations to run.

the candidate gets few simulations to run.

Recruitica makes an automatic assessment comparing the job requirement to the candidate profile. 

Chesi make an automatic assessment. 

Candidates that fit the requirements will be added to a list. other will get an announcement

You will be able to select only few top candidates and work only with them

Opening a new position, Recruitica checks the 'Pile' and find relevant potential candidates.

while running the simulations Chesi recruit build the candidate profile. candidate would besed or reassessed to a new position

A candidate that doesn't fit the position requirements will get an email with a relevant announcement

Closing the position, the other candidates will get a 'thank you' mail with the request to offer other positions in the future

What are your benefits?

You will deal with only a few top rates candidates. No dozens of CVs again.

You will get the CV with the candidate's profile analysis.

You will save a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of frustration!

You will be able to get candidates from the 'pile' for any position at any time with zero effort.

You will be able to be focus on the drivers, inhibitors and skills from the first call.

All candidates will be informed at any time regarding their status.


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